10 Reasons Having Spicy Food

1. Helps lose weight: Hot peppers contain capsaicin , which speeds up the body’s metabolism and helps burn calories faster. This is from the fact that capsaicin – increases body temperature and heart rate quickens.
2. Good for the heart: Hot pepper helps to improve cardiac function. For the reason that with the continued eating spicy food the body easier to cope with cholesterol blockage that cause heart attacks.
3. Improves blood circulation: Hot pepper helps reduce blood pressure. Peppers contain vitamins D and C , which are strengthening contribute to the blood vessels.
4. Fights cancer: high quantities of scientific studies show that the constant use of chili and curry reduces the risk of cancer. Capsaicin inhibits the growth of cancer cells in some cases. Sometimes even cleanses the body of cancer cells without harming okrazhayuschim cells. In countries where  traditionally typically  use chili in food such as India, Mexico or Taiand. According to statistics, very few people who have cancer.  
5. Improves digestion:  Spices also improve your digestion, as they cause the release of a special secretion in your stomach. Also increases blood flow to the stomach. And Capsaicin helps the stomach to deal with the harmful bacteria.
6. Cough and cold: Kapsaitsi n helps relieve symptoms occur with a cold. And also helps to open the nasal  channels, which is important for nasal congestion. 
7. Good sleep: Australian scientists have nablyudniya and found that those who consistently consume spicy food is much easier to fall asleep and wake up.
8. Improves breathing: Spicy peppers may help people with asthma, chronic bronchitis and others.
9. Helps with arthritis and osteoporosis: Again unique substance Capsaicin , which is contained in the chilli helps our health by helping with arthritis and osteoporosis.
10. Pepper in medetsine: Now there are  a lot of Food Stamp and cosmetics of Capsaicin and . Properties of capsaicin , used  in these different priparaty were known from antiquity. Since various ointments based chilis used to treat arthritis, sore and  used as obezblivayuschee.  And others ointments and kremea based hot peppers intended for those who want to lose weight and give your body the right proportions.

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