100% natural maple syrup

few weeks ago i got a special present from our friend bill, 100% natural maple syrup from the peters family maple products located in upstate new york. i thought to myself, what is so special about maple syrup? well it is special when you get it fresh from the tree. maple syrup is made out of a maple tree sap (a clear liquid which circulates in the tree). boil it so that the water evaporates but the sugar stays in the sap. Once the sap reaches a certain sugar content (approximately 67%), it is syrup!
i never tried pure maple syrup before, i did not like the commercial one that they sell in the stores so my expectations were not so high. boy was i surprised. the taste was wonderful, deep and a bit smoky, totally different from what i expected. i could actually smell and taste the tree. it’s hard to understand why we needed to change the orig
inal taste and make and add corn syrup.
apparently there are grades for maple syrups; US grade A light amber, US grade A medium amber, US grade A dark amber, and US grade B. usually lighter syrup is made earlier in the season, and darker syrup is made later.
bill gave me a US grade A medium amber, which means that the maple is a bit darker, and has a bit more maple flavor. It is the most popular grade of table syrup, and is usually made after the sugaring season begins to warm, about mid-season.

on top of being so delicious 100% natural maple syrup is extremely healthy and contains sugars, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
100% natural maple syrup has climbed up to be one of my favorite natural ingredients. i am putting it in my morning yogurt, cereal, and even tea. it is a natural sweetener just like honey which i love dearly and will post about soon.

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