1001 low carb recipes: a cookbook review

hello lovely readers – i hope you are having the most wonderful day! today i want to share a quick review of dana carpender’s 1001 low-carb recipes cookbook
this particular cookbook was bought on the recommendation from Dr Bernstein in the Diabetes Solution.on the quest to lower the carbs in my diet, i needed a tome i could turn to more frequently. something abounding with fresh ideas and new ingredient combinations that would tickle my tastebuds. 
i was thoroughly skeptical about the purchase – aren’t 1001 recipes going to be low quality? won’t it be full of fad foods, and odd ingredients? 
well, i was kind of half right. but i still am very happy to have this on my shelf!
this massive doorstop of a book (which i never fail to find in about 3 seconds flat because of it’s red spine – bonus!) is packed full of simple recipes that are easy to create, quick to prepare and tasty.
the split of recipes is pretty decent, with a good section on vegetables. dana also includes meat & fish, sauces, salads, soups, breads, snacks and desserts (sunshine cheesecake or espresso brownies anyone?). of course with 1001 recipes there’s no room for photos, which is pretty sad, but the book isn’t about inspiration, it’s about function.
it’s about having a book on your shelf that you can reach for and cook from. and it’s a great book to find standard, simple recipes too. i’ve opened this book to find classic fish flavour combos, and different ways to cook sprouts, and ways to flavor homemade burgers.
i’ve ‘made’ a few of the recipes already -the chocolate chip cookies (p501) and the oatmeal molasses bread (p116). although, both recipes had to be changed quite a bit because of the unusual ingredients they required…
well, ok, maybe Splenda isn’t unusual. but it’s actually kinda made with chlorine, and it has to be made by a human in a factory with chemicals, and our bodies can’t actually digest it…well, then i take issue. especially as it’s in a LOT of the recipes. anyway, i just substitute agave, maple syrup or honey or something natural – not sugar free imitation honey or polyol sweetener (some of her other suggestions).
and the thing is, i don’t mind substituting in the least, because at this point i’m really used to it. but, i just don’t know how seriously i can take a person that recommends that sort of thing. it’s flawed nutrition advice, and if i weren’t as much of a health info geek, then i might end up eating a lot of it if i cooked her recipes exactly as she says everyday…which is seriously health questionable. and also, with substituting for a more natural sweetener the carb count goes way up…hmmm.
anyway, the reason why i actually like this book is that, (Splenda aside) i can and want to eat everything in it. and it’s got a really, really good index.
♥ i am looking forward to making: curried cauliflower salad (p150), kolokythia krokettes (p225), mexian flavoured whiting (p267), spicy peanut chicken (p311), peanut butter cheesecake (p520).
if you are interested in the sort of recipes and style you’ll come across then check out dana carpender’s blog, hold the toast for more info on the author. 
and please tell me – what’s your opinion on Splenda and other artificial sweeteners? do you use them?

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