2 Awards, ooops I mean 3 and a Tag

With Cannes Film Festival opening today, I feel that there is no other day better to give away these two awards I got. But let me start with a tag.

One of my fave blogger Deeba, Passionate about Baking tagged me (and awarded me too) on my Top 10 Photo Picks from my blog. I thought I won’t be tagging anyone but if I guess I would love to see the top ten picks of Oggi I can do that and Joey of 80 Breakfasts. Two Pinoy Bloggers whose work I admire so much.

I actually started blogging last year at the height of my boredom of being stock at home due to my delicate pregnancy. Three things preoccupied me: my growing belly, my laptop and my camera. Despite poor lighting and microscopic space here are my picks:

I am deeply honored to be awarded the Yummy Award by two bloggers that I have high respect for. First by Ronell of My French Kitchen (a fabulous food blog of amazing photos and delicious recipes) and Deeba of Passionate Baker (see for yourself how gracefully she bakes her goodies).

So here goes my Yummy Awards:

First goes to guy power baking tandem Sunny & Sid of Big Boys Oven. I’m sure if you regularly visit their blog you know what I am talking about. I specially love love their Macarons…

Second goes to Marvin of Burnt Lumpia. I admire him for his tenacity in fusioning filipino inspirations in his cooking. His recipes always leave me breathless.

Third goes to Manggy of No Special Effects. I always tell myself he definitely needs to forget about being a doctor and just open up a restaurant. He is really talented. His writing is always so witty and funny. His photos always make me drool.

Fourth goes to Gabi of Feast Within. Her stunning photos and inventive recipes always make me hungry for more.

Fifth goes to Ann and Jack of Redacted Recipes. I always enjoy dropping by at their blog for delicious homely cooking garnished with lots of love.

and last but not the least Todd and Diane of White Rice Couple. I admire this couple for their beautiful photos, delectable food and entertaining videos.

I know I’m suppose to give five but I’m being generous and besides I really had a hard time choosing. There’s too many of them.

And for the Second Award I got from a dear friend Gloria, Canela’s kitchen and Deeba , Passionate about Baking, thanks to both of you and I’m hugging you back!

Susan of Well Seasoned Cook. You are one of the sweetest person I’ve ever known. Her blog is one of the best food blog I’ve ever seen.

Haze of Quio de Neuf. Thanks for always being there for me. I love all your anecdotes and stories of life!

My sincerest apologies to my favorite blogger Susan of FoodBlogga, who also awarded me the Blog Distinction award. She awarded me last April but I only learned about it today. She is one the blogger I regularly visit for her beautiful writing, photos and delicious recipes. I am so honored.

Thank you again for all the awards. I need to celebrate this!

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