Once in a while I have the pleasure of meeting my friends and family all together. Lots of laughs, good memories, and lots of fun. And of course, lots of food. A very nice solution for feeding 20 people all at once is to prepare a paella. Other than the actual food (which is great), it is very easy to prepare and everyone walk around looking at how the dish goes, while having a beer or a glass of wine, chatting, and laughing. I strongly recommend you to try it at least once. The only thing you need is a wide flat paella pan (available throughout Spain but also overseas on internet), the fire (we used camping gas), the ingredients and 20 friends!
Feel free to adapt the ingredients as you wish. The only important thing to maintain is the cooking time of the rice, and to use a flavour-rich broth for cooking the rice (otherwise it will be tasteless). For this recipe we mixed meat and fish (very traditional combination specially in Catalonia), which sound probably a bit odd, but tastes great. Enjoy it!

Ingredients for 20 servings:
-2 kg rabbit meat in pieces
-1 kg chicken drumsticks
-1 kg fresh sausages
-1 kg green bean pods in pieces
-1 kg squid in pieces
-5-6 green peppers in small pieces
-2 kg artichokes (without the outer leaves and in quarters)
-1 kg fresh tomatoes (grated)
-2 kg round rice (e.g. arborio)
-4 litres fish broth (or chicken broth)
-2-3 extra litres of boiling water
-4 tbsp sweet paprika
-6-8 garlic cloves 
-1 bunch of fresh parsley
-400 ml olive oil


1-sprinkle the salt close to the borders of the pan and pour the oil on the center of the pan (this way you will avoid the oil from burning). Add the chicken and rabbit meat pieces and stir until golden brown.
2-add the sausages and continue stir frying for some minutes. Add the squid and continue stir frying another five minutes.
3-add the vegetables (peppers, green bean pods and artichokes) and stir 3-4 minutes.
4-add the sweet paprika (and saffron), mix and immediately add also the grated tomatoes (be careful not to burn the paprika!)
5-Smash the garlic cloves with the parsley leaves and add it to the paella, stir for 2-3 min.
6-Add the boiling broth and extra water and cook for 35 min until the meat is completely cooked.
7-Add the rice and distribute evenly. Once it is well distributed do not move it anymore during the cooking time (this is a key step for the paella). Cook for 15 min.
8-Turn the heat off and cover for 5-10 min, so the rice finishes the cooking time while resting.

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