33rd & Galena Pork and Shrimp

So, the first day of summer REALLY hit us.  Like, close to 100 degrees hit us.  It’s too soon for this!  I’m not a fan of extreme heat.  AT ALL.  Our air conditioning is already getting a major workout.
Oh well.  At least I’m not the one manning the grill in this crazy weather.  I’ll leave that to the man in the house 🙂
I knew pretty much nothing about Penzey’s until about 6 months ago, when I ordered a special gift pack from them which consisted of about 8 spices….for $5.00!  Saying it was a score was an understatement.  
I’ve yet to be in one of their stores (there are only one or two in my area…it’s not very popular around here) but you can tell from their website that there’s a lot to choose from.  Everything I’ve tried so far has been great, including this:

I used 33rd & Galena Chicken and Pork Rub on a pork tenderloin as well as some shrimp.  The pork was grilled and the shrimp was quickly sauteed.  It doesn’t get much easier than this, and it was really good!  Salt free, too.

Take my advice and browse their site.  Pick a few blends and go to town…they’re great!

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