49 and Counting…

This is truly hard for me to fathom:
it has already been 
17,898 days,
roughly 429,567 hours
since Bill and I married
way back
 49 years ago, 
on April 15, 1967.  
Seems like it was yesterday, doesn’t it, dear?

April 15, 1967 ~ Louisville, KY
We were both young things 
in our early 20’s 
when we married 
and life has been 
good to us ever since.

Hawaii 2001 At the luau
Hawaii – 2001
It makes me happy that 
I found and married 
such an 
optimistic ~ loving ~ kind 
with a witty sense of humo
that cracks me up daily.

He’s a caring father 

for our 2 magnificent sons, 
caring grandfather for our 
adorable groovy 
5-year-old grandson.
Bill, Jr.

2004 ~ Tucson
2006 Riviera Maya Mexico Hotel bar
2005 ~ Riviera Maya, Mexico
 2007 ~ 40th anniversary renewal vows in Las Vegas, with Elvis “officiating.” 
The sun was very bright in this pic, but had to include it because of Elvis’ pose!
Las Vegas 2008
2008 ~ Las Vegas

2010 Springfield KY
2010 ~ Springfield, KY

2013 ~ near home

We will be celebrating it low-key this year, with a delicious dinner at a favorite restaurant here in the Chicago area:  filet mignon for me, strip steak for him, with all the trimmings…
Toasting to our 49 years 
of wedded bliss
and Income Tax Day!


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