A Beef Salad Sandwich

 OK!  Here it is!  Remember the pot roast I posted last week and told you to watch for what Bill would do with the left-over meat?  Here’s what he did with it…

Growing up, I loved it when Mom cooked a beef chuck roast because I knew there would be beef salad sandwiches to follow.  I don’t know where she got the idea of doing this with left-over roast beef, but I’m glad she did!
Mom used an old-fashioned shiny clamp-on galvanized meat grinder, and I did also for many years.  It is a great tool for grinding meat, vegetables, nuts and fruit that is cheap also.  If you’ve never used one, the first thing that will get your attention is the weight of it, about 5 pounds.  It’s unbreakable and durable. 

The handle attaches to the grinder with a nut; the ‘worm’ is the spiraled part of the grinder that moves the food to be ground through the body.  Attaching either the coarse or fine plate and then the screw ring gives you a perfect tool for grinding meat and so forth.  The main thing of concern was that the clamp at the bottom holding the grinder to the counter or table was very tight.  If not, it started sliding and could fall right off the table.  In reality, this is the best tool for grinding meat and all perfectly!

Go ahead many years and the food processor became king.  It certainly does a great quick job of chopping but it does not provide quite the texture that the grinder with the ‘worm’ gives.  So be sure if you use a food processor to chop and pulse in 1 to 2 second bursts until the desired fine consistency is met.
Just a few ingredients; such as, Miracle Whip (mayonnaise?), pickle relish, eggs and onions to make a great sandwich. 
I have to say, Bill thinks this beef salad sandwich is par with a tuna, chicken or ham salad sandwich any day! 
Beef Salad Sandwich
1 pound cooked beef roast
1/3 cup pickle relish
2 hard cooked eggs, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
¾ cup Miracle Whip
Salt and pepper, to taste
Lettuce leaves
Grind the meat in food processor using chop and pulse mode, pulsing in 1-2 second bursts.
Remove to a bowl and add remaining ingredients.
Assemble a sandwich using your favorite bread.
Do any of you use the old-fashioned meat grinder?

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