A Light Thanksgiving Menu (could be vegetarian)

Garnished with a little pesto and balsamic reduction

I love a big Thanksgiving spread and all of the associated leftovers, but sometimes, the traditional menu is craziness. 

Maybe there just aren’t enough people in your household to justify a turkey, too many side dishes that are too far from your usual eating plan, or you might be trying to make a special meal for vegetarians. 

The menu I’m suggesting is based on a meal we had in Warsaw; it was October and the chef was featuring pumpkin dishes on the menu.

Pumpkin mashed potatoes (3 parts pumpkin puree to 1 part cooked potato) prepare as you normally do mashed potatoes, season with salt and pepper, a little butter and milk or cream.  For an alternative, you could use 3 parts sweet potato to 1 white potato.  The potatoes pictured here are a one to one ratio, you should have a more orange color.

Poached apple with sweet and sour beets – the sweet and sour flavor is very mild (you can add a little more vinegar and sugar if you want it to be more pronounced)  The flavors in this dish go together so well, it adds a lot of color to the plate, and I just love it!

Protein – in this case, I have roast chicken and mushroom gravy.  The chef served the same gravy with sliced of pork tenderloin.  For vegetarians, consider one of these quinoa options. 

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