a Sunny Istanbul Day with Kuru Fasulye&Boza

Yesterday my long 9 days holiday started and the weather was luckily better than i could wish..

I had chance to walk the places i have never been in my city, walked all the ways around 15 km.. WOW.. i cant believe myself walked all the way; we just stopped every store ,every places, kissed every children and interracted with people as much as we can.
Our walking group was 8 people, enjoyed with the day a lot.
We stopped by a restaurant for lunch and ate Kuru Fasulye ( Haricor beans) with pastirma (beef that has been smoked or dried in the sun after being treated with spic) , pilaf (rice), pickle and for the dessert ; semolina dessert. All was soo delicious, i reccomend you to stop by there and taste kuru fasulye.

The other stop was Vefa Bozacisi which is here from 1876.

Boza is a drink made by a kinda semolina, water and sugar; it is known as winter drink, served with cinnamon on it.

also roasted chickpeas inside inseperable from boza.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has drunk Boza there and they still keep the glass there ..

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