Angry Pig Fries

I wasn’t going to put this up, as it is not much of a recipe.  However, it got quite a reaction!  So I submit to you, Angry Pig Fries.

You will need:
1 roasting tray of fries (I chose curly and seasoned)
2/3 cup grated mature cheddar cheese
400g pulled pork, prepared or leftovers
Hot sauce of choice (we used Louisiana, but Sriracha might be amazing as well)

If you need to prepare the pulled pork, do so first and set aside.  Do not add bbq sauce unless you prefer that to hot sauce.
Bake (or fry) your fries according to package directions.  Once crispy, sprinkle grated cheese over and replace in the oven for about 1 minute (keep an eye on it, as you want the cheese to be melted, not starting to broil).  Tip onto a plate and top with pulled pork.  Sprinkle with hot sauce and serve with mayonnaise.