Apple Chips

I’ve heard so many people talking about dehydrating stuff lately, especially apples, that I had to finally break down and give it a shot. I actually think our oven has a dehydrating feature, but I was the only one home and don’t know where the directions live, so I just turned it to its lowest setting which, in this case, was 250.  

I used three different apples – McIntosh, Empire, and Fuji, and used a mandoline to slice them paper thin. I put the slices on parchment-lined trays and sprinkled about half with a little cinnamon. As it turns out, those are the ones you can see that I tried to hide on the bottom that came out extra toasty.

I put all three trays in one oven and about an hour in, I flipped all of the apples slices over, turned the trays around and rotated the top tray to the bottom and the other two up. I  only flipped the apples once, but I rotated the trays twice more. It took a little over two hours at 250.

Although I do like them, I wasn’t actually expecting them to be crisp. I assumed they would be more chewy, so I think next time I make them, I’ll slice them a tad thicker and either NOT use the cinnamon or keep a closer eye on that tray! Definitely an easy/healthy snack though!