Apple & Pear Crumble

Apple & Pear Crumble

For this recipe, I used apples and pears but you can use any great fruits such as rhubarb, peaches, strawberries, blackberries, plums or gooseberries or a combination of them. Make sure that you only stew the firmer fruits like apple and rhubarb, everything else can just go straight in the oven as is

So, crumble is a popular British dish that uses very simple ingredients, it gives a nice change from pie and pie crusts


Makes one dish of crumble

You will need

For the filling
1lb/500g apples (peeled, cored and chopped)
1lb/500g firm pears (peeled, cored and chopped)
3 tbsp Sugar

For the topping
6oz/175g Plain Flour
3oz/75g Butter 
1.5oz/40g Sugar


  • Preheat oven to 200C/400F

  • In a heavy large saucepan, add the chopped apples and 125ml/4floz water, bring to boil, cover and simmer gently for 5 minutes
Apples and water

  • Drain the water from the apples and add the chopped pears and the sugar. Mix well
Fruit and sugar

  • Spoon fruit into a flan dish or other ceramic or glass baking dish
Pour into dish
fruit in dish

  • For the crumble topping, sift the flour into a large bowl
Sift the flour

  • Break and add the butter, rub together to form small breadcrumbs
add butter
Flour and butter

  • Add in the sugar and mix well
added sugar

  • Spoon the crumble over the apples and pears evenly
Crumble topping

  • Bake in oven for 35 minutes until the fruit bubbles and the topping is slightly golden
Golden crumble
Apple and Pear Crumble

  • Serve hot with warm custard or pouring cream, or equally, enjoy cold
Scottish Crumble

You can also add some cinnamon and/or brown sugar to the topping to add that extra Autumn/Fall taste
Hope you enjoy some crumble this Autumn

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