Apple Sandwiches

 peanut butter and granola
 yogurt and bananas
 ham and cheese
 Nutella and pretzels
 spinach and bacon

Apple Sandwiches

Slice apple 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick horizontally.  Core apple slices, to make nice apple circles.  Dip in pineapple juice to reduce browning. Blot dry with a paper towel.  Add whatever combinations sound good to create a sandwich.

other ingredient ideas:

-chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter or cinnamon chips
-ritz crackers
-cheez whiz
-sliced nuts
-chicken salad
-any fruit
-sliced deli meat
-different cheeses
-beets and goat cheese (ok, it’s for the grown ups, YUM!)

**I have loved apples with peanut butter for a long time, then one day I dipped it into granola and was in heaven!  Then a friend asked me to come up with a fun after school snack idea for a church idea night. This is what I did.  The kids liked all of my samples, but somehow the 5 spinach leaves stayed on the plate while the apple and bacon were gone…hmmm.

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