Salads are always very healthy … however I always feel lazy when I think about eating them … So the trick is to make them appealing to your eyer as well as your taste.
This one in particular I love it, it’s pretty similar to the one they serve in the mayority of the italian restaurants and it is really easy to do.
The basic ingredients are spinach, tomatoes (best if they can be dehydrated), cheese (your choice: parmesan, camembert, goat …), nuts, diced bacon and onion. 
Chop the onion into very small pieces and put then into the pan, heated with a bit of olive oil and just a tad of salt. When the onion is golden we add the diced bacon and leave them to fry for a while.

We put in a bowl the spinach, chopped tomato and cheese. We add the onion and bacon, we dress it to our preference and it is ready to eat. I recommend not to add too much oil, since it already has some from the cooked onion and bacon.

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