Cadbury Chocolate Cookies Fruits & Nuts

Cadbury Chocolate Cookies Fruits & Nuts

I love chocolate! And who doesn’t? It’s my all time favorite, a solace when I’m grieving and my reward to myself when I’m jubilant.

Our love story has come a long way already considering our rudimentary beginnings. Those childhood penniless days that I sneak out on the kitchen to empty our Ovaltine can of chocolate milk powdered drink. I insist on me being penniless because that was the only chocolate I could devour when my craving arises. But as years go by, my path crossed with local chocolates Chocnut, Cloud 9 then the imported one’s; Hershey’s Kisses, M’M multi-colored chocolates, and then there came the Cadbury Fruits n Nut. It was my good old friend who’s now based in California who introduced this to me. If most have their Kitkat moments we had our Cadbury moments.

When I graduated Magna Cum Laude in our university I got this tremendous offer to teach in our college despite my young age and being a complete novice. But hey don’t think I am a nerdy Einstein like know it all person. I was just a normal average student (who loves partying) who was lucky enough to have lazy classmates LOL. (If they could read this they will kill me) Teaching my contemporaries or students that were older than me was not only intimidating but proved to be a very tough one. I have those days that I almost feel like giving up, but my friend (my colleague) and her Cadbury chocolate bars stood by me and cheered me up. Life’s been so great with me. For I may have some trouble that come by from time to time and no Cadbury with me to enjoy with, but I still have a dozen of French chocolate to brace me by. 🙂 Hehehe In homage to these sweet chocolaty Cadbury moments I concocted up these chocolate cookies. But don’t be deceived, there is no Cadbury choco in this recipe!

This is my contribution to this month’s Monthly Mingle hosted by the creator herself, the lovely Meeta of What’s for lunch Honey? If you love chocolate and fruits you should check out the round up!

Cadbury Chocolate Cookies Fruits & Nuts

I found this awesome American Cookies recipe by Zabou in a french recipe sharing site Les Foodies and added some of my touch:

220 g of flour 50 g of brown sugar 50 g of white sugar 1 teaspoon of honey 100 g of butter half a sachet of baking powder (that’s about a teaspoon) 1 egg 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of cacao
200 g of chocolate patisserie (chopped in small pieces)
50 g of dried raisins
50 g of almonds

In a bowl melt the butter in a microwave. Then add the honey and egg. Mix them well. In a separate bowl put the all the dry ingredients: flour, brown sugar, white sugar and the baking powder. Mix them together. Add your lemon juice. This is to help you make this cookies chewy and soft. Put the cacao and the melted butter-honey-egg mixture. Mix them together. Fold in your chopped chocolate, raisins and almonds. Put in the fridge and let it rest for about five minutes. Form a small ball and place them on your cookie sheet. Give enough spacing for each cookie. Preheat the oven at 200° celsius and bake it for ten minutes.

I suggest that if you are lucky enough to have Cadbury chocolate at hand, why not try making this cookie recipe with it and tell me how it is 🙂

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