Chinese Soup – Lotus Root Soup

Soup is always welcomed in my little household. It’s comforting for cold wet days and nourishing for sick days.  It washes food down and it fills you up. Best thing is it’s so easy to prepare! This Lotus Root Soup is one of my family’s favorite.

Lotus Root Soup Recipe 
about 1 kg Pork Rib Bones
Lotus Root
8-10 Red Dates
1 Honey Date
1 piece Dried Cuttlefish
adequate water to fill pot
salt to taste

Dump everything in a pot. Add adequate water to cover ingredients. Boil away in low heat for 1 1/2 hours. Season with salt to your taste. Slurrrpps!
Note: During the first half hour of boiling, skim off scum floating on top so soup stays clear.