Christening Bill’s New Grill

Bill is mighty proud of his new grill.  It’s 3 connected grills:  one for gas, the second for charcoal and the third is a charcoal smoker.

My Grill-Master Hero!

For extra flavor, you can’t beat a charcoal grill, but sometimes we want quick and easy with the gas grill, and the smoker is a must for Bubba’s summer sausage and smoked salmon.

He’s strip steak all the way and I’m filet mignon; although, if we come across a great looking sirloin steak at the butcher shop, it’s a go.

Lots of garlic for me!

Bill has no grilling secrets; just those many years of watching my dad grill taught him to pay attention and don’t overcook the meat.

It’s pretty straightforward and pretty much my favorite meal:  a grilled steak with a green salad, sautéed mushrooms and the veggie du jour.


Shake a little salt on the meat before grilling, and a heavy sprinkling of garlic powder for me.  

Another thing my dad told Bill ~ no steak sauce, ever!


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