Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas

Though it is true that Christmas is celebrated as the day of the Birth of Christ into this world, yet it also symbolizes a very deeply significant truth of the spiritual life. Jesus Christ is the very personification of Divinity. Christ it is EXTREMELY important to us Christians. We celebrate the miracle-virgin birth of the Savior of the World. Without this birth there would be no salvation. Christmas is also a time where we exchange gifts (representing how God gave his son to us as a gift), and to many, giving and receiving is important. This simple tradition gives joy to those who partake, and brings family and friends closer together. This is exiting time of the year for my family. Here is some ideas to make your holiday dinner planning  easier:)))

Zucchini Spread Russian Ikra {Kабачковая икра}


Make green and red jello for Christmas:)))

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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