“Festa di ossobuco” (ossobuco party)

Today a dear friend reminded me of this moment, and I just laughed out loud.  I thought it needed to be shared with you, hoping that you too will have a giggle.  This photograph was taken in Viareggio of me riding my bike over to a house filled with expecting hungry Italian mouths (I am using my phone to txt for the address).  In the front basket is a large saucepan filled with ossobuco.  I think originally my bike was also loaded with wine bottles and bread on the back, but I found it hard to keep my balance.  The ‘ossobuco party’ was hosted by my friend Stefano (ciao Stef), who helped in the preparation of the much anticipated evening.  The deal was I could make the ossobuco if Stefano purchased the meat from his much trusted butcher. We then prepared the accompaniment of ‘risotto alla milanese’ once I arrived with the ossobuco!
This is a dish I have loved making for many years. It is almost a tradition for me to make it as soon as the winter months hit as it really is a soul warmer. I will soon share with you the recipe!
Ciao x
Stefano serving the risotto!

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