Fire, French Toast and Father’s Day

   Matt loves cooking over a wood fire.  He really loves doing french toast over the fire, but we haven’t had a chance to do that in a while.  The last time was on a camping trip with Matt’s siblings a little over 3 years ago.  French toast and maple syrup are great over a fire!  It adds that very slight smoky background.  I knew both of our dads would love having a campfire breakfast, so I have been planning to do it for Father’s Day for a few years now.  However, life keeps getting in the way and we haven’t had the chance to follow through.

   Until today!

   Matt did a great job of building and manning the fire.  He was able to cook a dozen pieces at a time!  

    The french toast cooked quickly, so before long we had a platter of three kinds of delicious french toast!

    We had banana bread french toast, Matt’s specialty french toast (white bread with vanilla and cinnamon), and cinnamon raisin bread french toast.  I made a fresh strawberry puree if people wanted a fruity topping.  Matt prefers his with butter, granulated sugar and maple syrup, so those options were all available as well.

    Of course there was bacon, sausage and fruit salad as well.
   Also available were lemon bars, strawberry no bake cheesecake, fudge, mimosas and coffee.  All in all, I think everyone was able to find something to fill their tummies.  It is always fun to get together and catch up.  
   Matt also cooked dinner over the fire.  I’ll give you a sneak peek, but I am sure more details will come later!
    Any day that involves every meal being cooked over a fire is a good one for Matt.  Especially if one of those meals includes as many shrimp as he could possibly eat.  
   I hope all of the fathers had a great day.  We had a really nice one.  Jax loves tagging along with his daddy, uncles, grandpas and gimme (my grandpa).  So he likes father day as well!  

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