Frosty Wild Strawberry Cocktail


Ok, so last night’s Eurovision Song Contest was a bit of a letdown. Or a big letdown, really. The songs? Well, I didn’t realise this had turned into such a joke. The great days of Eurovision are definitely over. And when the voting began, I could hardly believe my ears. The ones we had topped as the top ten? Well, almost all ended up on the bottom of the list. I suppose we – all eight of us – just have radically different tastes than the rest of Europe!

Oh well. The party was a lot of fun, and the food was excellent! I made these drinks to start the evening with, and they were great. I made strawberry purée – recipe to come another day – but you can use ready-made if you want to. Or just mash up a few fresh strawberries, but it won’t taste as intense.

Frosty Wild Strawberry Cocktail
Serves 2

4 cl vanilla vodka
4 cl wild strawberry liquer
3 tbsp strawberry purée
pineapple juice
cranberry juice

Mix vodka, liquer, purée and pineapple juice with ice in a blender until smooth and frosty. Pour into glasses and top with cranberry juice, which will settle mostly at the bottom, creating a two-tone effect.

Sorry, no exact measures on the juice – it depends on how big your glasses are. I tend to eyeball it.

Recipe in Swedish:
Frostig Smultrondrink

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