Ingredients – Serves 4-5

8-9 medium carrots
1 bottle full fat milk (I used 4%)
2 tbsp unsalted butter
10-12 tbsp sugar (I used ¾ tin condensed milk)
6 cardamoms powdered
15-20 cashews
Almond paste (2tbsp)
A pinch of saffron

Peel the carrots and then grate them either with hands or food processor. In a thick bottomed pan, start cooking the carrots and milk together on medium heat. Bring the mixture to boil and then simmer. Keep stirring the boiling mixture to avoid burning. The grated carrots will cook and the milk will start reducing and evaporating. When the milk reduces 75%, add butter, sugar/condensed milk and cardamom powder. Mix well and stir and continue to cook on low heat. Do keep stirring the mixture in between. At the end, add cashews and saffron. Simmer till milk is evaporated. Turn the cooking plate off.