Green Tea Ice Cream

Ingridients :
Whipped cream   200 cc ( liquid)
Sugar                     80 g
eggs                       3 pcs
Green tea powder  2 Table spoons ( for food usage)
Hot water               3 Tbs

1.    Put Green tea powder, 5g sugar  and Hot water in a small bowl and stir well by spoon
2.    Break the eggs into a a diffrent middle sized bowl, take out chalazas, add add 40g  sugar    little by little, mix well until the color turns into white

3.    In a big bowl, put whipped cream,  and 35g sugar and mix well by hand mixer
4.    Pour 1 into 2,and add 3, mix gently  by spatula.
       Do NOT stir too much

6.    Pour in a container, and freeze it more than four hours. Don’t need to stir in the midst of freezing