Happy Fourth of July!

edith 060807

I realize that “fourth of July” has absolutely no meaning here in Sweden, but I like to celebrate when I can, and besides, I happen to like USA. (You might have noticed, if you’re a frequent reader of this blog!) So, tonight, we’re having a big USA-themed party! It’ll be a potluck, and as there are many foodies coming, I foresee a LOT of food. And drinks. We’ve stocked up on American beer (insert laughter here), Jack Daniels (you can laugh here, too), Coke and even mixed a few different kinds of Kool-Aid.

I’ll be sure to take a lot of photos, to show you in a few days! Now, have a happy Fourth, wherever you might be! (Or just have a happy Friday – that works too.)

(The photo? Well, it’s fairly flag-themed, but it also shows our little darling Edith, who passed away one year ago tomorrow.)

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