How to Dice an Onion

All photography Elizabeth Messina

Slice of the tip and the end and then cut the onion in half

Make vertical slices 90 percent up the onion, keeping the
end intact as an anchor. Then make horizontal slices 90 percent
through the onion. The slice normally and your onion will be
perfectly sliced. (A sharp knife is key to this process)
This is quick and easy way to dice onions for any recipe. A sharp knife if key to this process. Placing the onion in the freezer for a bit before slicing will help diminish the strong gases that can make you cry. To remove the smell of onions or garlic from your hands rub them on stainless steel. I just use the faucet on my sink, but Sur La Table and Amazon actually sell Stainless Steel Soap Bars just for this purpose.
Happy Cooking! Maili