Icli Kofte(stuffed mince balls) Recipe

This food was really hard to cook, i always loved it, i cant say it is cooked at my home so often but i understood why; it is realllyyyyy difficult to make it and takes much time, but i always love to eat it, i have guessed it is too hard but not this much expected:))
when i eat it ,i will eat slower anymore as i understood how hard it was cooked:)
i should honestly say when i was filling the bulghur, my mum helped me as i wasnt so successful.
Içli köfte is a food oftenly cooked in easten part of Turkey, i preffered to boil it to make it light but also you may fry it and i like it more ,but too fatty..
By the way i should add the pictures in recipes ;my mum’s hands:)

1 cup fine bulgur
1 medium onion
1 tablespoon chili paste
1 teaspoon cumin
1 cup semolina
One full teaspoon of salt

For Inside;
250 gr ground beef
1 sp butter
3 onions
1/2 gl walnuts
black pepper

Soak bulgur with 1 cup boiled water,let stand half an hour,add semolina, chopped onion,chili paste,salt,cumin,and knead.
cook 2-3min minced meat with butter, then add the chopped onion cook 6-7 minutes. Add spices and finely chopped walnuts. cook for some min and let it cool.
The most difficult part start now, get some bulghur as big as a walnut, and with one finger, open it from middle, and make it bigger with turning in your hand, it should be like a bell pepper.
It should be thin enough, when it is big and thin enough fill it with mince we prepared.
after you prepared close the mouth of it.
Boil some water and put the readp balls, and cook 8 min,
you can also fry it.
Serve it warm..

Bon appetit…

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