Irish coffee

Having moved back to a colder climate after 13 years in semi-warm to hot climates I find that the treats I enjoyed during my youth in Denmark are slowly returning to my life.

One of these is the “Irish Coffee”…the Danish way…it must be served with whipped cream, NOT runny!


3-4 cl Whiskey(Tullamore Dew)
2 tsp brown sugar.
2 espressos(or normal strong coffee)
1 dl whipped cream.

  • Heat up your glass with hot water.
  • Empty the glass of hot water and poor in the Whiskey.
  • Add the sugar and fill the glass with coffee until it is 3/4 full.
  • Stir with a long spoon to ensure that the sugar is melted.
  • Then lay the whisked cream on top of the coffee/whiskey and enjoy the drink through a straw.