Dear friends,
I finished my short Lebanon trip and back to home . Lebanon is a small country full of history, nature, great people and amazing dishes. You can drive in 3 hours the country from north to south. It is a place that you should mark for your holiday destination.

Also i liked the feeling to be a tourist in this lovely country, people are so helpful and nice. Once, one lady wanted to take my photo with her kids, i felt like a superstar:)
Jeitta grotto is amazing ,it is a gift from GOD..
I had chance to visit Beirut, Jbail, Baalbeck, Jounieh.. all of them i loved, met a lot of nice lubenese people..
And sure i tasted a lot of nice lubenese foods:)) Beydan, waraq enab,fettush,mutebbel,tabbuleh,falafel and more.. all were sooo delicious.. in most of restaurants before the food they serve Beydan(almond), pickle etc, and after meal , they serve you a lot of type of fruits or somewhere even desserts and sure arabic coffee.. and all free:)
Will share with you some recipes and more information about Lebanon..

Just follow me;)

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