Left Overs

Chicken Salad Sandwich
I just picked a left over chicken clean from a roast chicken I made today.  I’ve seen Arby’s advertising a chicken salad sandwich that looks really good so I thought I would make chicken salad with the left over chicken.  They advertise they put it in a wrap or on honey wheat bread.  I thought I would take a stab at making a similar sandwich.  I’m putting mine on Brownsberry oatmeal bread because that is what I have in the house. If I had them in the house, I think I would add Craisins.  Arby’s does not have them, but I think they would really add to the apple and pecans.  You could also use walnuts.  I love both, but like the pecan the most.
Arby’s sandwich has grilled chicken, but I’m going to use my roasted cubed chicken, seedless red grapes cut in half, a chopped red apple, a stalk of celery and chopped pecans.  I’m adding mayo to bind it together and a pinch of salt and sugar.  I’m putting leaf lettuce from the garden on the sandwich to finish it off.  You don’t have to make it into a sandwich, you can just eat it as a salad.  It stands very well on it’s own.  

Baked Potato Soup
I also have 3 left over large baked red potatoes and not wanting to let anything go to waste, I’m making Baked Potato Soup.  Since I had left over demi-grace from the roast chicken (Gel made from cooled juices from cooking meat with bone in), I’m using it to make chicken broth.  I made broth by heating it and adding water.  Don’t ever toss out the dripping from a roasted chicken.  It has too much flavor to toss out.   The broth is already seasoned from the seasoning I had on the chicken (onion, garlic, salt and pepper) so I just added enough water to the demi-grace to cover up the sliced baked potatoes.  I still had left over demi-grace, so I put that in a container, refrigerated, and will use it for making more chicken broth in the near future.
Warm, quick and easy
I added some frozen kale I had in the freezer that I grew and cut up some pre-cooked bacon from the freezer (I always have this in my freezer).  I only had to heat everything up since potatoes were already baked.  I tasted the broth for seasoning and it needed a bit more salt, pepper and onion powder.  I added milk (2% but you could add cream) to the broth and once it began to boil I added a corn starch slurry of just cornstarch and water (about 2 large tablespoons) to thicken. 
In serving, I’ll put some grated cheddar cheese on top with a bit of cut chives from my herb garden.  I have enough for a couple meals this week.  Guess I’ll be eating chicken salad and potato soup for a couple of days. 
I always make too much.  That comes from being from a large family.  Coming from a large family also taught me not to let anything go to waste.
Tomorrow is snack day.  I love popcorn and will share some popcorn recipes I’ve collected and love.  
Be happy and may God bless you and yours.  

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