Making wedding cakes

DSC_0036 (Small)
Tesse, on her hen-party a few weeks ago

I’ve spent today making a wedding cake for Tesse, one of my closest friends. The wedding is tomorrow, and let me just say making a wedding cake is a pretty big deal. I started practising for this one a while ago (here, and here) but it wasn’t really enough to prepare me for making.. four. Yes, four cakes. They won’t be stacked, thank goodness, so I don’t have to deal with that. I just have to make them look pretty, all by themselves. And well, while not easy, it’s at least not the same as piping intricate designs. Not exactly up to that! Especially not since my tooth has decided to act up – or rather, my jaw. It’s really swollen, and it hurts quite a bit. No fun at all!

Anyway. The cake making went surprisingly well until it was time to frost the cakes with raspberry buttercream. I made buttercream the same way as I had before, but this time, it turned out runny. As in really, really runny. My kitchen must have been warmer than on the other occasions. So, I crumbed the cakes instead (when you put a very thin layer of frosting all over, it’s called crumbing), chilled the buttercream and then re-beat it to get the right texture. I just finished frosting the cakes, so tomorrow all I have to do is cover them in fondant, and tie burgundy silk ribbons around them. Then we’ll use real roses to decorate.

And, that’s my story as a wedding cake maker. Tomorrow, I’ll also morph into makeup-artist and wedding photographer! Talk about multi-tasking!

In other news, we just bought ourselves a Wii! Per is setting it up right now, I can’t wait to play.

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