Mashed potatoes with schnitzel


     approx. 5-6 medium potatoes
     Chicken schnitzel (the trade), (I used 4 pieces are quite large, I think)
     two pieces of sausage with cheese
     3-4 tablespoons butter, margarine
     Peter water boiled potatoes
     Peter frying oil


Puree: Wash potatoes, peel them clean, cut each potato into 8, add the potatoes in a pot, pour water enough to cover them and a pinch of salt; Dam to boil until a fork easily piece of potato;

Fried: Schnitzel sausage: leave the thawed schnitzel, or put them in the microwave one minute; We heated a pan with oil enough to cover the schnitzel; When it is hot put piece by piece of schnitzel fried on both sides; Out on a paper towel to absorb the remaining oil; Ii sausage cut pieces and put them to fry until cheese melts slightly; Out on a paper towel;

When mashed potatoes are cooked, drain the water; Add butter, margarine, salt, pepper, Vegeta taste; Take aim and quickly mix the potatoes to mash, stir until smooth puree to leave one;

Bon appetit!

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