Mediterranean stuffed vegetables

Ingredients (4 people)

Potatoes 400 gr
2 Courgettes
1 Aubergine
2 onions
1 yellow pepper
20 gr dried mushrooms
20 gr pine nuts
3 slices toast bread
2 eggs
2 anchovy fillets
grated parmesan cheese
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper

Boil onions and aubergines for 10 minutes, and peppers and courgettes for 6.


Half the vegetables and keep the pulp. Also empty the tomatoes. Boil the potatoes, then peel them and crush them with a fork or food processor. Mix half of the veggie’s pulp with 1 egg, 2 tablespoons grated cheese, 3 tbsps oil, 3 leaves chopped basil, salt and pepper.

Filling #2

Soften the dry mushrooms in lukewarm water, drain them well and add 1 clove garlic and all the pine nuts. Add 1 egg, the anchovies, and finely chop the mix. Add to the other half of pulp.

Fill half the vegetables with each filling. Place them in an ovenproof dish, drizzle them with grated cheese and bake in the oven at 180°C for 30 minutes.

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