“Nektar” Walnuts and Dates Cake

“Nektar” the Walnuts and the Dates Cake.

Regardless of the ruling regimes, economic systems, regardless of country of residence and her own immigration status, Nektar always has her red lipstick on and loves feeding people around her.

Rulers changed, Stalin died, USSR collapsed, the first African American was elected, served as a U.S. president and left the office followed by Republican successor. Telephones can now speak and you can see a friend over the ocean through a tiny monitor. The world and times are different and even the Climate is changing – as they say, but one thing remained unchanged and it is Nectar’s recipe for this easy, light and nutty cake.
Nectar baked this cake when she first stepped as a 19 years old immigrant into her own motherland, and again when she received her Green Card in her late 40s, and even today every time she learns that a great-grandchild is born on a different continent, in a different country be it West or East she bakes it with walnuts and dates and lights a candle!

Happy 90th birthday Nektar!


4 eggs
200 gr. butter (soft )
1 cup (200 gr.) sugar
2 cups flour
2 cups of walnuts (chopped in cubes)
2 cups of dates (chopped in cubes, take the stone out)
Half a tea spoon of baking powder

Mix all ingredients 
Add walnuts and dates (cut into small cubes) into the mixture 
and put into a baking tin pre-greased with butter .

Bake in the oven for approximately 40 minutes 

Serve it with cinnamon tea

Or if served warm – with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!