Peking(Beijing) Duck style Chicken

<Peking(Beijing) Duck style Chicken>
-Chicken Thigh 1kg(without bone)
-Soy Sauce Tbs 4
-Honey Tbs 2
-Japanese Sake Tbs 2(if you don’t have sake, white wine will be OK)
-Garlic 1-2 clove 
-Ginger slice 
-Leek (green part)

1) Remove bone from Chicken Thigh. Trim and flatten the surface of the chicken. Sprinkle salt and pepper slightly both sides.
2) Pour soy sauce, honey, sake into Ziploc bag. Put grated garlic and sliced ginger and Leek into it and mix it well.
3) Put the chicken thigh into the above sauce and marinated at least 2 hours.
4) Preheat oven 200℃ and bake the chicken with aluminium-foil cover about 15-20 mins.
    When chicken is already done, remove the foil cover to bake their chicken skin crispy. Be careful not to scorch thme.
5) Cut the chicken 1cm Julienne.

【The easiest Pancake:Crepe for Peking Duck】
-Wheat flour 200g
-Water 400g
-Sesame Oil tsp1

1) Mix all ingredients.
2) Heat frying-pan (teflon coating is much easier) and spread over the batter to make crepe.

【甜麺醤:Tien Mien Jiang-Sweet Bean Sauce-】
You can buy it at Chinese store. 
If you want to make it by yourself, the recipe is as follows.

-Haccho Miso(Dark Miso) 200g
-Sugar Tbs 6
-Soy sauce Tbs 2
-Mirin Tbs 1
-Sake Tbs 1
-Sesame Oil Tbs 1
-Water 50ml

1) Put all ingredients into small pan mix with small to medium heat.
2) Simmer about 5-6 minutes after boiling with small heat.

1) Cut cucumber fine julienne and soak them into water about 5 minutes.
2) Cut Leek(white part) fine julienne and soak them into water about 5 minutes.
3) Drain cucumber and Leek well.

【How to eat】
Put little amount of Tien Mien Jiang onto the crepe.
Put cucumber, leek and Chicken on it.

Roll it and eat!