Who doesn’t love pizza. It is easy and fast to make and on top of all that delicious.

This is the way I make the pizza.
– Pillsbury pizza crust
– Ketchup
– Tomato paste 
– Cheese (e.g. Swiss cheese, Asiago, Provolone, Romano, Parmigiano-Reggiano)
– Canned sliced  mushrooms
– Olives
– Bacon and Prosciutto (or any kind of meat you have)
– Garlic (if you like)
– Oregano 
– Olive oil
Step one:
On previously oiled baking tray put the dough ( Pillsbury pizza crust)

Step two:
Mix two tablespoon of ketchup and and two tablespoons of tomato paste ( if you have any kind of tomato sauce will do) and evenly spread over the dough.
Step three:
Spread grated cheese over the ketchup.
Step four:
Sread mushrooms and olives over the dough. And if you like you can put garlic.
Step five:
Cut bacon and  prosciutto into small pieces and spread them over the dough.
Step six:
Sprinkle with olive oil.
Step seven:
Put the pizza in previously heated oven (380*F) and bake it for 15-20min. 
Step eight:

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