Pumpkin & Carrot Purée

Hi. Hope you all had a good Christmas.
Mine was very good, TG.
Today´s recipe is a warm vegetable soup for the cold days we´re having here in Portugal. It´s one of my soup´s recipes and I like to call it Pumpkin & Carrot Purée. This soup is healthy and very easy to do:


~ Potatoes (4, small)
~ Onions (2, medium)
~ Carrots (4, medium)
~ Pumpkin (1 slice)
~ 1 Table spoon Olive oil
~ Water and salt
~ Boiled eggs (1/2 for each plate)


Cook all vegetables in salted water with half of the olive oil. You can use a pressure pan. If you like thick purée, use just enough water to cover all vegetables.
While the vegetables are cooking boil some eggs. I use only half for each plate.
Blend the vegs. Add the rest of the olive oil.
Serve with the eggs:

Sometimes, instead of adding boiled eggs I use fresh coriander. Coriander contrasts with the sweet of carrots and pumpkin and adds an excellent taste to this purée.
Bom Apetite!

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