Quick Moroccan Style Fish Soup

It’s cold sitting at my desk today, and after a quick look in my almost empty fridge, I have decided I need a warming soup made with a child sized portion of leftover grilled trout and couscous.

500ml boiled water
1 chicken stock cube
1/2 handful uncooked couscous or rice, 1 handful cooked
1 handful cooked trout, salmon, white fish
1 handful green beans, spinach, chard, kale…
1 tsp harissa
Chopped parsley (optional)

Put the water to simmer in a sauce pan with the stock cube.  If using uncooked couscous or rice put this on to cook first (couscous about 5 mins, long grain rice 10 mins).

Chop your vegetables into bite sized pieces, and if using beans add these for a couple of minutes just before the end or the rice or couscous’ cooking time.  Everything else, including cooked couscous, rice, and the leafy greens, just needs 2 minutes max to warm through.

In the time it has taken me to write this I have eaten half the bowl already.

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