Raspberry Freezer Jam

 Raspberry Freezer Jam

This isn’t a recipe…it’s just to help myself remember what I did.  So the next time I make jam I can decide if I want to switch it up.  I’ll explain….

In January, I stumbled on a blog called wordofwisdomliving.com and it opened my eyes to the extreme amount of processed foods we eat. High fructose corn syrup, sugar, hydrogenated oil, etc.  So when I went to make a batch of freezer jam and again looked at the amount of sugar and corn syrup, I wanted to try and make a change.  So I made a batch of sugar free that was sweetened with stevia (a natural non-caloric sweetener – still not the healthiest thing, but I feel like a step in the right direction).  The batch was awful (stevia has a bitter after taste sometimes) and I was so mad that I wasted that much fruit.  So I made a normal batch and decided to conduct an experiment on my kids.  I combined the two batches and waited to see if my kids would notice.  They never did.  I was thrilled that at least it was less corn syrup and sugar per serving.  So unless a better or different product comes along, this is what I’m going with for now!  Here are the two pectins, a batch of each, made separately and then mixed before putting them in containers.

**Breanna taught me that frozen raspberries work equally as well as fresh and if you can get them on sale, it’s a way better deal!
**Today I made 6 batches (3 of each) and ended up with 15-2 cup containers of freezer jam.  I would love for it to last a year, but I’m guessing 6-7 months.

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