Here’s another one that I’ve been making for years, it’s great for a weekend meal or when you have visitors over. It’s also one of those meals that men and boys seem to love.

Sandwich Ring

* 2 loaves Pillsbury French Bread
* Sliced cheese of choice

* lunch meat of choice

* Italian dressing (we use mayonnaise instead)

* Lettuce

* Garlic powder and oregano (we use Italian Seasoning)

* cooking oil

Take bread out of tubes, arrange in circle, pinching ends together to make one whole circle. Make shallow knife marks across top and then sprinkle, spray or brush on a small amount of cooking oil, sprinkle with garlic powder and some oregano(italian seasoning). Bake for 25-30 minutes.

Take out, and slice in half right away, you will have a top and a bottom half. Let it cool down a little, then spread mayonnaise on the bottom half, top with lettuce, cheeses and meats (you can also add green pepper, onion etc), spread mayonnaise on the top half and then place top half on, and slice into serving pieces.

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