Simple meal for Lent

Plain boiled noodles with vegetarian hot sauce

The three basic customs of Lent are:

* Justice to Our Lord by prayer
* Justice to ourselves and our body by observing simple eating habits
* Justice for our neighbours by offering them gifts and doing charity to the needy

Here is a simple, economical meal for one:

A vegan meal – the noodles are made with flour and water. The food was served in saucers so the portions are small.

There really isn’t a recipe for the noodles. Just boil some noodles, drain and add some hot sauce. I used vegetarian hot bean sauce. Top with some chopped scallions and sesame seeds. To accompany the noodles, I served Korean namul, side dishes of boiled spinach and bean sprouts dressed with soy sauce, garlic, chopped scallions and sesame oil.

Keep it simple with one pot cooking.

  1. Boil a pot of water and blanch the bean sprouts. Remove with slotted spoon. Make the dressing in a small bowl. Add the bean sprouts and mix together. Dish up. Garnish with scallions and sesame seeds.
  2. Bring the water back to a boil. Do the same for the spinach.
  3. Finally, boil the noodles. This should take about 6 minutes. Add the cooked noodles to the bowl. Add some vegetarian hot bean sauce. Mix together. Dish up.

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