Special Giveaway challenge: Guess the country and/or The Dish

Here’s a challenge for foodies out there.

2 Pictures, 2 different dishes from 2 different countries. Can you guess the country or the dish? If you can guess both, you’re a true foodie!!
Both dishes are typical of the countries although they may not be as well known abroad!
Oh and these pics were taken by me so, hmmm, I got to eat them too!!!!!! Yum!

Go on, give it a go! 🙂

EDIT: To make it more exciting I’ve decided to add a very special Giveaway to the person who correctly guesses the country and dish- a 250ml bottle of homemade Extra-Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Ribatejo region in Portugal.
Deadline is September 1st-Good luck!

hmm, didnt realise how misleading the pics could be…so to help you along I will keep posting a few more pics. If you can guess any of the dishes and countries, the yummy olive oil is yours 🙂

Pictures/country 1:

Pictures/country 2:

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