Spinach with Walnut Miso Sauce

     Spinach(fresh)                                 500g
     Roasted Walnut                         5070g
     Sugar                                          12 Tbs
     Miso Paste                                   12Tbs
     Soy sauce                                         1 Tbs
     Japanese Sake                                 1Tbs
1)    Roast walnut 10-15 minutes with 140 degree oven.
2)    Boil spinach about 1 minute and rinse the boiled spinach with cold water.
3)    Squeeze extra water with hands and cut into 5 cm size.
4)    Grain roasted walnuts.
5)    Add sugar, miso paste, soy sauce and Japanese Sake into the walnuts and mix it well and then, add the cut spinach.