Swedish Food Series : Raggmunk med fläsk ( Swedish Potato Pancakes withSalted Pork )

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Hej! Around 4-5 months ago, I just wanna have more knowledge about Swedish food so I surfed the internet and listed a lot of traditional home cooked Swedish food ( which is called husmanskost) and Yes! This is one of the menu in the list! And of course…. They are served with lingonberries again! 

The tips of cooking this food is ” use aged potatoes” because aged potatoes have ability to hold the pancake together. 

swedish food,husmanskost,raggmunk,Swedish potato pancakes,salted pork,easy recipe,rimmat sidfläsk

This recipe is very easy to cook. So if you wanna cook Swedish food as your dinner today … Choose this one! So let’s see how to cook this recipe.

Ingredients ( for 8 pancakes)

1. 400 g potatoes 
2. 100 mL all-purpose flour
3. 150 mL milk
4. 1 egg
5. 1/2 teaspoon salt
6. 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
7. 200 g salted pork
8. Butter, for frying

1.  Whisk flour, milk, egg , salt and pepper together in mixing bowl. Whisk until there is no lumpy thing inside.

2. Peel potatoes then grate them into rough pieces. Then add potatoes in the mixture no.1. Mix it well

3. Heat butter in the frying pan. Fry the batter until it’s golden brown in colour, then transfer pancake to paper towel to remove excess fat. For me ,75 mL of batter is used for making 1 pancake.

4. Fry salted pork slices until they are golden brown and a bit crispy.

5. Serve raggmunk with fried salted pork slices and lingonberries … And yes it’s done!

As you can see, This recipe is easy and it tastes yummy… I hope that you would like to try this recipe sometimes. Den smakar jättegod!!! ( it tastes very yummy)



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