Thai chicken with cashew nuts and chill recipe

2-3 large dried red chilies.
500-1000gm( this is optional,I used for 14 people 1kg of boneless chicken things or breast,cut into thin slice)
5 medium onion,cut into chunks
2 -3 small bell peppers (red,green,yellow cut into chunks)
5-10 baby corns cut into chunks,
50 gm of dry chinese mushrooms (soak in the water overnight,optional can be use a fresh mushroom)
200 gm of dry roasted cashew nuts  (I used for 14 people 350 gm)
2Ts of soy sauce 
4 Ts of oyster sauce
2 teaspoons of sugar(optional)
2 teaspoons of fresh grounded black pepper.
 small bunch of coriander or spring onions for garnish.

 1.In a wok or a skillet , heat some oil , over medium heat , for 1 minute then add chilies , cook and stir for 1 minute , letting them to darken a bit . Scoop out chilies and set aside
 2.You can either deep-fry or pan-fry it with about 8 tablespoons of oil depending on how much cashews you’re going to cook , I used 350 gym cashews , just adjust the oil,roast cashew nuts until golden brown and drain in a paper towel.Oil after I used to cook rest of ingredients.
3.Increase heat to medium-high and add chicken, cook until it changes color , 2 – 4 minutes.Add the onion and stir-fry for 2 minutes ( 3 minutes ) until onion softens a bit and chicken is cooked through .Toss in bell pepper and baby corn mushrooms cook for few seconds add oyster sauce , water , soy sauce  mix well . Add the cashews , chili sauce, sliced spring onion and chilies and cook for 1 minute , stirring well to combine.Transfer to a serving platter , sprinkle with extra cashews and serve hot or warm.