Tortellini in Brodo (broth with tortellini)

Ok, admittedly I did not make the tortellini in this recipe. However I do not feel guilty as I purchased these little delicacies from one of the oldest pasta houses in Bologna, the origin of “tortellini in brodo”.  Italians enjoy eating this around Christmas time, normally for Christmas dinner or boxing day. To eat something somewhat lighter than the previous heavy meals consumed during the festive season.  One of the only rules for making this celebratory soup is that you must make it using home made stock (refer to chicken stock recipe).  Traditionally in Italy the tastiest way to make the stock is by using “capon” (a male chicken).  The traditonal filling and the ones that I purchased in Bologna are filled with pork, mortadella and parmigiano.  As it is now winter in Italy, sitting around the table enjoying a hot bowl of “tortellini in brodo” warms your soul, even when it is cold outside!

How to make (to serve six people):
Bring two litres of stock to the boil, then add about 250 grams of tortellini.  Boil the tortellini in the broth for the amount of time according to the instructions (about ten minutes). Serve in warm bowls and top with freshly grated parmesan cheese.  Some of my Italian friends from the South of Italy also add some freshly squeezed lemon juice and chilli flakes!

Buon Apetito
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